Today I bring you an application which will make it easier working in XAML; It doesn’t matter if you are working with Silverlight, WPF, Windows Store or Windows Phone.


What could make XAML Spy for me? With XAML SPY:

– You will be able to change visual properties of your XAML in RUNTIME :O It works similar to blend, but you could make changes while your application is running .

– You will be able to identify the name of a visual PART into a huge application. So a Ctrl + F will send you directly to the UserControl you are looking for.

– You will identify what visual element is making your application doesn’t look as you really want.

– You want to know how was made an application UI, and you don’t have its source code.

– You want to make an small change without having to rebuild your app again and again.

XAML SPY Is the latest version of the Tool Silverlight Spy, but this time it isn’t just for Silverlight; It works in a similar way for all XAML platforms and it has a really nice Modern UI environment together with a great usability.

XAML SPY is able to start a Windows Phone 8 emulator without having Visual Studio open.


You can download a evaluation copy of XAML SPY from here:


I hope this tool helps you; For me and my team was very impressive.

With this application, we save a lot of time rebuilding our code, and good results were reached faster.

I’ll create a Video Tutorial very soon. but here I let you a lot of help tutorials.


See you soon.

Happy coding!!