Hi all,

Working on a personal project during this weekend, I have had some problems connecting a WCF service with a Silverlight application.

After fighting with Visual Studio some hours, I’ve decide create a small example from the scratch in order to identify the problem.

The problem has been solved, and here is the small sample that I’ve decide sharing with you.


In order of using this sample, steps to follow are:

1. Open the solution.

2. Build the solution.

3. Publish “DGU.Demos.SLWCF.WCF” into your local IIS

4. Copy “clientaccesspolicy.xml” and “crossdomain.xml” into “C:\inetpub\wwwroot” for avoiding Silverlight Cross domain permission error.

5. Update DGU.Demos.SLWCF.SL\ServiceReferences.ClientConfig with the URL of the WCF Service published in step 3.

6. Build and execute the solution with DGU.Demos.SLWCF.SL.Web as start-up project.

Hope this example could help someone, as it helps to me.

Of course any questions or suggestions are very welcome.