Today I’ll write a summary about the last book I have read.

Instant Silverlight 5 Animation

It has just 100 pages, but It’s full of useful information for Silverlight and maybe for other XAML developer (as you know there are a few differences).

Its author is Nick Polyak, and you could read some of his articles about MVVM and Prism in Codeproject.

Of course, with the book there is available sample source code with custom controls, animations and so on.

You have to read this book if you are looking for:

  • How to create a Silverlight Custom Control.
  • How to work with dependency properties.
  • You want to make your application more attractive using animations (Please read something about UX, don’t use effects just because you can 😛 )
  • How to work with attached properties.
  • How to animate page transitions.
  • How to create a noise effect with a C# algorithm like this:

  • How to simulate a clouds movements and fire effects into an animation (Cool stuff 😀 )
  • How to work with 3D Animations. The code sample helps to configure the effect that you need.
  • Silverlight 5 real 3D capabilities summary.
  • Do you need a Silverlight banner for your web?

Maybe is not the first book to read if you are a total beginner, In my opinion this is better for starters:

I have learn a bit more, after reading “Instant Silverlight 5 Animation” it easy to read and very useful for adding a effects to your applications.For just 6€ more or less

I almost forgot the book’s link

See you in next posts… Happy Coding and Happy Learning 😀